The basic version of DirectTrace can be downloaded here. Note that the OpenCL version is only available for contributors at the moment.

DirectTrace 0.9

Bug corrections. Texturing is now possible with OpenCL shaders. The X86 version runs full speed. The SDK is now using VS2010 as the basic IDE. Some improvements are to be made, including removing deprecated functions. The SDK has been update, including a texturing example.

DLL and C++ files

The basic DLL and C++ files will be available for download soon at here (.zip file).


The next SDK (V0.9, VS2010 solution) with simple Ray-Tracing examples will be available here (.zip file).

DirectTrace 0.81

Bug corrections & API code has been cleaned up.

Older Versions

Version 0.81: Small fixes brough to 0.8. >The basic DLL and C++ files can be loaded here (.zip file).

Version 0.8: Initial Release.