Ray-Tracing for the Masses!

Welcome to DirectTrace.org, the website of the DirectTrace library. This site will help developers building Ray-Tracing applications by providing drivers, documentation, examples and also an online forum. Universities, companies and professionals that do not want to go through the burden of implementing Ray-Tracing in their applications, have now access to a state-of-the-art technology for Ray-Tracing.

DirectTrace is an innovative Ray-Tracing library that for the first time does not construct a spatial subdivision data structure before tracing rays. As such, the library is well-suited at Ray-Tracing dynamic environments. There are two versions available at the moment. A basic version (limited X86) providing the main tools for Ray-Tracing 3D scenes is available for download to everyone for free. A faster OpenCL version is also available to contributors as well. If the project gets enough support from the industry, then we will provide a third version including some advanced functionalities.

Please note that priority has been given to delivering a sound driver. The current documentation & website may contain many innacuracies. Please be lenient!

Most Recent News

18/12/2012:The website has been updated. An update of the library documentation was very much required, but there is still a lot to do in this area. Version 0.9 should be available by January 2013.

01/09/2012:Version 0.9 is now working. Will be made available whenever possible.

07/08/2012:The DirectTrace algorithm has been presented at SIGGRAPH 2012. The paper can be downloaded from the ACM digital library.

13/07/2011:The DirectTrace driver (Limited X86 version) and its SDK are now available!

11/07/2011:The project will be demonstrated at HPG 2011!

Come and see how you can use the driver for your applications.

26/06/2011:Website is launched!