DirectTrace SDK

This page goes through the examples given with the DirectTrace SDK. The SDK itself is available on the Downloads page.

Example 1: Basic use of the DirectTrace library.

In this example, we show how to: setup a triangle scene in DirectTrace, trace rays, and finally provide basic shading using X86 shaders. The code allows switching between OpenGL and DirectTrace renderings to appreciate the differences between the 2 APIs allows

Example 2: Phong shading and Advanced Scene Properties.

This example explains how to create a simple Phong interpolation, and will show you how to provide more advanced attributes for your scene and how to use X86 shaders. The example also includes the setup of a point light source.

With DirectTrace, attributes can be given at the material level or at the primitive level, and are accessible inside your shaders. Support for attributes at the vertex level is planned, but will depend on future demand and support for that feature.