How To Contribute

There are many ways to contribute to the DirectTrace work. Initially, we will compensate the largest contributors will receive a free OpenCL-accelerated version of the driver. Helping financially the library is a first way to make sure the future of the library. As our funding will stop soon, the primary goal at the moment is to collect enough funding to employ one or two developers working full-time on the API. We estimate that the library requires 3 to 4 man-year of work to become one of the best platforms for producing outstanding 3D graphics in real-time. To donate, you can either click on the paypal link (when it is available), or contact us directly.

For Researchers and Developers

Developers can also contribute in many different ways. They can either help us debugging the interface, improving the SDK by creating more examples, and complete the documentation itself. In exchange, we will give away the OpenCL-accelerated driver. Only a few licenses will be given away initially and strong credentials will be required .

For Companies

Companies using Ray-Tracing or interested in developing 3D softwares can either make a donation, provide developers/man-hours, or contact us directly to see what can be done. We can also provide support, consulting, and add extra functionalities under request if those functionalities are not incompatible with the rest of the DirectTrace pipeline. Finally, any donation of hardware or software to the project will be welcome. There are many platforms we would like to support better, including for instance Tesla cards, AMD Fusion processors, Intel AVX(2) instruction set, and (OpenCL-enabled) ARM platforms as well.

For Investors

If you want to invest in the technology, please contact us directly (see contact page).